is a reliable online store which contains martial art, air soft, guarding and archery equipments.
We sell our products to private society, companies, firm and organizations. In order to buy from the online store the companies and firms have a valid Y-account and filling company information. We also have a permission to verify credit card information before billing and if necessary we can withhold a purchase alternative for the bill and offer cash in delivery instead.
When ordering products you have to use ”Add to the basket” button. After the orders you can still go back and change the basket content: remove products, change the number of pieces or empty the basket. After changing the content always press the “Refresh/update” button so that the changes come into effect. When you’re done press the “Order products” button. Fill the form carefully and press the “Send the order” button. You will receive a copy of your order to your e-mail.

We always send a confirmation of order via e-mail where you will find:
• Order number
• Payment reference
• A link where you will get the order receipt after saving or printing (PDF) it.
• A link to track the order.
• The orders total with analyzed value added tax.

You can also check your order content on our web site via user account.

Products prices include value added tax. The online store counts packing and delivery expenses based on the orders weight and it reports the total cost of the order with packing and delivery expenses before the costumers’ final confirmation of order. We deliver our products only to Finland and Sweden.
If you order a block then contact us via e-mail in order to check the stock balance of account and the availability. When ordering a very large product like Tatams and descent padding the online store doesn’t count the freight automatically on the order, then we have to charge the freight case-by-case.

Packing and delivery expenses in Finland by mail:

Letters maximum measurements:
250mm x 400mm x 30mm

Weight max price
50g 2,50 €
100g 2,50 €
250g 2,50 €
500g 5,00 €
1000g 8,00 €
2000g 8,00 €

Itella Post Package 16:
Weight max 2kg / per order 7,70 €
Weight max 5kg / per order 8,90 €
Weight max 10kg / per order 10,50 €
Weight max 15kg / per order 13,70 €
Weight max 35kg / per order 18,00 €

Minimum size: 25 cm x 15 cm x 3,5 cm
Minimum weight: 250 g
Maximum size: 120 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm (0,43m³)
Maximum weight: 35 kg / per package

The delivery will be processed separately when its extent crosses the maximum size 120 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm. The service is surcharged.
Separately processed deliveries maximum measurements:
Itella Economy: 180 cm x 80 cm x 60 cm
Itella Express Flex: 300 cm x 80 cm x 60 cm

Matkahuolto and nearest Matkahuolto package:
Maximum weight 5kg / per order 7,90 €
Maximum weight 10kg / per order 9,70 €
Maximum weight 15kg / per order 11,20 €
Maximum weight 20kg / per order 12,60 €
Maximum weight 25kg / per order 14,00 €
Maximum weight 30kg / per order 15,20 €
Maximum weight 40kg / per order 18,30 €
Maximum weight 50kg / per order 21,00 €
Maximum weight 60kg / per order 23,80 €
Maximum weight 70kg / per order 26,80 €
Maximum weight 80kg / per order 29,40 €
Maximum weight 90kg / per order 32,00 €
Maximum weight 100kg / per order 34,80 €
Next a 20kg + 7,60 €

Notice: Long deliveries and wide deliveries will raise the freights price.

- Package measurements 80×80×80 cm
- Packages maximum weight 55 kg
- Package quantity / label 5 pieces / laser label 9 pieces
- Package quantity / freight book 15 pieces
- Deliveries joint content 3m3

Raised payment 10,00 €:
The payment will be raised from the following deliveries:
- Rod-shaped deliveries (1,5,-3 m long packages)
- Board-like deliveries (packages one extent over 1 m.).
- Cautiously handleabled deliveries
- Dangerous substances
- Large packages of which girth + packages maximum length is over 240 cm.

  • Packing and delivery expenses to Sweden by mail:*

Maximum weight 5kg / per order 15,00 €
Maximum weight 10kg / per order 17,00 €
Maximum weight 20kg / per order 19,00 €
Packages max. size: 120 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm
Packages min. size: 25 cm x 15 cm x 3,5 cm
All freight expenses are taxable (VAT 24%)

Additional information from posts package alternatives, payments and mode of transportation:

The products and their postage will be paid in contact with the order. For the municipalities, companies and public sector corporations we sell products also with a bill (14 days net, 5,00€ extra billing). In this case contact us via contact form.

Payment with bank keys
Checkout payment servicer transmits your payment to the seller. You have all the bank payment keys in use. Checkout is a safe way to pay. The service is on grounds with Payment Legal Information Institute transition sanction which is labelled to Finance monitors which upholds the Payment Institutes Register. Checkout is Checkout Finland Oy’s (y-account 2196606-6) upholding service.

Prepayment credit transfer
The customer who uses prepayment credit transfer will receive a prepayment bill (to print) which he/she will pay. When using prepayment credit transfer the payment will show at merchants regime as incomplete until the customer has paid his/her bill. POINT! The products will not proceed to ordering until the payment shows on our account. Also remember that different banks have a 1-2 weekdays delay.
We keep the reservation for 10 weekdays but after that the order will be canceled if the payment is still unpaid.

Payment with credit card
The payments can be paid with every Credit municipality cards. The online store works as products and services marketer and it deliveries the products to the buyer. It also takes care of the stores legal and by –self defined other obligations. The payments that are paid with credit cards (Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard), a transaction arises between the customer and Finland Ostolaskut Oy (2284303-3). The Finland Ostolaskut Oy is the one which receives the payment and its Checkout services official cooperation partner which later on accounts for payment to the merchant. Credit municipalities’ at associate agreement is Finland Ostolaskut Oy.

Our online store delivery times are reported under the products on weekdays. The products have mainly 1-3 days delivery time! We can also deliver our products directly from the importers warehouse.
We also sell tailored products but its delivery time is longer than normal, even 3 to 4 weeks.
Deviant delivery time shows on the products information.

Damaged delivery:
If your delivery is damaged, report to the Post or Matkahuolto immediately and to us above-mentioned address or via e-mail.


There isn’t an actual return policy if the customer is a company or a corporation. There can be a return policy if there is an agreement between the buyer and merchant. The products and services are always sold the way they are. The return happens with the customers own cost. We doesn’t repay for the flaw of the purchased item, possibly result from direct or indirect damages. Responsibility of the products flaw limits to orders demolition and orders return payment.

We ask you to deliver possible reclamations by e-mail, or by letter to our post address. We try to respond to written reclamations within 2-4 days. If you want us to contact you by phone, attach your phone number to your e-mail.
6. PRODUCT INFORMATIONS doesn’t respond for the incorrect product information and withholds the right to change technical information without separate notification. All rights will be taken into custody.